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Media Literacy

Media Literacy includes an understanding of the many types of media and the purposes for which they can be used. Students should be taught the difference between fact and fiction and be able to distinguish between information, entertainment, and persuasion. They should learn that all information has a source and that knowing the source, and its biases, is an important part of understanding any information. Students should also be given hands-on experience in media production.

The types of Media are:
  • Print
  • Presentation
  • Online
  • Broadcast

The Center for Media Literacy has distilled Five Key Questions and Five Core Concepts of Media Literacy from the traditional categories of rhetorical and literary analysis. These questions and concepts correspond to the following keywords: 1. Authorship, 2. Format, 3. Audience, 4. Content, and 5. Purpose.

  • Experience Design 1 by Nathan Shedroff (New Riders, Indianapolis, 2001)
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