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Media Production

Print, Presentation, and Online Media Production can and should be taught to all students. They live in a media-saturated world, and the best way to learn about and understand this world is to learn how media is created. The best way to learn about how media is created is to do it yourself.

This hands-on learning experience must include instruction in the proper pre-production and post-production steps applicable to the media being used. Media Production is a process and a quality outcome depends on following the steps.

English teachers have long taught students that good writing is a process that includes pre-writing, drafting, and editing. Often, the greatest struggle is getting students to spend sufficient time in the pre-writing and editing stages. All too often, a student will simply turn in his or her first draft.

When a teacher takes students into the computer lab to create Power Point presentations, the problem is a bit different. Students tend to jump right in and start working on post-production tasks such as selecting fonts, color schemes, and graphics, and neglect the more important matter of the presentation content. Allowing students to create their own media artifacts gives the teacher an opportunity to point out the relationship between form and content which in turn improves student's media literacy.

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