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Blog: InfoLit Wiki Admin
Created by admin on Sun 16 of April, 2006 21:47 MST
Last modified Fri 09 of March, 2007 01:37 MST

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Description: A place to record successes and frustrations in the development of the Information Literacy Wiki.

Table of Contents Improved

Posted by admin on Fri 09 of March, 2007 01:37 MST
I finally figured out how to use "Structures" to create a "tree" hierarchy in the Table of Contents on the home page of the Wiki. Navigation will be much better now and pages will be accessible directly without having to "drill down" to find a link to them.

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Duplicate titles removed

Posted by admin on Fri 09 of March, 2007 00:50 MST
Since I moved to the "Tikipedia" theme, I noticed that every page had duplicate titles. I had placed a title at the top of every page using ! to make it bold type. This theme uses the title given to the page when it was first created. Today I deleted the duplicate "!Title" titles from each page (I hope!).

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Found the Login!!

Posted by admin on Mon 20 of Nov., 2006 00:09 MST
The Tikipedia theme puts the login in the "Top bar" section of the page which I had deactivated by unchecking it. Thanks go to the Forum "New Themes" at I think I'll leave the site on the new theme, although now I need to design a new logo!

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Playing with "Tikipedia" theme

Posted by admin on Sun 19 of Nov., 2006 23:17 MST
I found a new theme called "Tikipedia" that is based on the Mediawiki "Monobook" theme. I want to use it, but when I switch to it, I cannot find the login/out box. Since I don't want to use a theme that prevents me from logging in, I am careful to change the theme back to something else when I have finished working with it.

The theme also comes with three plugins that I have put into the correct directory, with the correct file permissions, but that I still can't find in the admin menus.

On the other hand, I DID figure out how to put a direct link to this admin blog on the left-hand menu so it can be accessed without having to search "list blogs" in the blogs menu. Progress... but SLOW progress.

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New Wiki pages added and Blog now visible

Posted by admin on Mon 01 of May, 2006 12:22 MST
Wiki pages have been added on Copyright and the Dewey Decimal system.

I now have three possible sub-headings for each topic: References (ie. books, magazine articles, and other wiki pages), Curriculum (teaching ideas/links), and External Links (Web sites). I am considering using "Standards" or "National Standards" as a sub-heading and pulling them out of "External Links."

On another topic, I think I have now managed to make this "blog about this wiki" visible to anonymous users (ie. those who haven't logged in), though they will only find it if they click on the blog folder in the menu.

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Information Literacy Wiki Established

Posted by admin on Sun 16 of April, 2006 22:02 MST
The Information Literacy Wiki has taken shape and is on it's way. I have selected a template, created a header graphic, learned the basics of posting, and created a basic format. It already appears that the wiki format will be very useful to me in recording and organizing my ongoing research into Information Literacy.

The wiki is already more useful and up to date than 95% of the sites one can find using Google. Sadly, though, Google doesn't seem to have found the site yet (at least in the first 20 pages of hits!). It seems that the way the site can rise in the Google listings would be for a lot of people to link to the site. Of course, if they can't find the site, how can they link to it? Catch 22.

Then there is the hope that other teachers and librarians might join the site and contribute to it. I'd better not hold my breath!

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